In terms of foods recognition, the Philippines are incomparably different from its neighboring countries, especially when it comes to delicacies. As is customary from being Pinoy, when one goes to a certain place, one has to bring home something from that place. So that’s why we had chosen famous Philippines sweet delicacies as our topic because it has a great impact in ourselves as a Food Trades major. In every place in Philippines there are different varieties of sweet delicacies that served as their pride but we have only selected the famous delicacies in every island of the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao)
Laguna –
Laguna is the buko pie capital of the Philippines. Orient the Original Buko Pie of Los Baños has always been the choice as the best buko pie.Their buko pie cots only for php.150.00. The popularity The Original Buko Pie can be seen by the never ending line of customers at their bakeshop along the national hi way. The Original Buko Pie only use the best picked coconuts and have stayed as a home business all this time therefore have more control on the quality of the pie. (Retrieve from
One of the top classic Baguio souvenirs is Strawberry Jam (Good Shepherd's Mountain Maid is THE Jam).
Baguio's strawberry jam. This product has become synonymous with Baguio and vice versa. Strawberry jams are made from fresh strawberries and are rich in flavor. Taro is a root crop grown locally in Baguio or in nearby provinces; they are made into jams which are a delight to those who have a sweet tooth.(retrieve from

“Bibingka” is rice cake in English. The Royal Bibingka is not your usual kind of bibingka. It’s not puffy like Ferino’s, it’s actually sticky. This delicacy reminds me of gummy bears or better yet, tikoy one that I have here is from Marsha’s Delicacies (Retrieve form:
Pampanga’s famous sweet delicacy is Halo-halo. Due to the tropical hot climate of the province; pampanga’s own halo-halo is known as the number one rephrasement during the summer. Halo-halo is the mixtures of sweet fruits and blend with creamy fresh cow’s milk.
When we had a Pampanga Taste Trek some time ago, one of the many great food finds we stumbled upon at this culinary haven, is Halo-halo. The province claims of creamy, rich and tasteful versions of this luscious dessert/snack. If you search Wikipedia, you'll find that Halo-halo is described there as “a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served cold in a tall glass or bowl” (Retrieve from:
Cebu is a must for you to visit because of their sweets and delicacies that every woman swoon and every guy kneeling only to make sure they get to taste these products.Cebu is best well known in their otap, dried mango, and rosquillos. The otap is undoubtedly one of the most famous of the Cebu islands, for it is known to have originated from Cebu. The otap is an oval-shaped biscuit and has a length of four to six inches long, width of two inches, and thickness of 1/8 inch. Additionally, its ingredients include the sugar, flour, shortening and most especially, the coconut. All of these are being combined in order to come up with a sweet and yummy delight – that is, the otap. Coming from the name itself, dried mango is a piece of ripe mango that has been sun dried. However, Cebu’s dried mango is known to be far distinct and very special. Its taste is said to be very distinctive and will make you crave for more. The dried mangoes of the Cebu islands are unique for their sweet and sour taste. These dried mangoes are coming from the best picked, fresh mangoes of Cebu, which has a reputation of having the best tasting mangoes in the country. Rosquillos, simply said, are cookies or biscuits that are ring in shape. The cookies are famous because of their being crispy, light and delicious. Moreover, the rosquillos is popular because they can be made or baked even when you are at your own home. It is important to differentiate the rosquillos of Cebu from the rosquillos of Spain, which are more of olive oil doughnuts. (Retrieve from
Like they always tell you, your visit in Bohol will never be complete without tasting some of the major food delicacies of Bohol.
  • Peanut Kisses
    this miniature Chocolate Hills look-a-like is made of peanuts, eggs. It looks like a Hersheys Kisses but it tastes more like cookies with peanut butter on it. You can buy Peanut Kisses in many department stores in Bohol, in the pier or in the aiport.

  • Calamay
    Coconut milk candy jam. Great to eat in its own, with rice or bread. Very uniquely package, using a natural coconut shells with the opening sealed with red paper strip. You can buy Calamay in some department stores in Bohol, in the pier or in the airport. (Retrieve from
Just right before I boarded the bus for Ormoc, a trip in Tacloban is not competing without the usual moron and binagol delicacies. Moron, a sticky rice delicacy wrapped in banana leaves and steamed is native to Tacloban and rather oily. It is also found in Ormoc which is a little bit drier compared to the former. I was also told that it is found in Butuan in Mindanao too. What sets this apart from the usual suman delicacies of other Philippine provinces is that it has a choco mixture, right. Another delicious and sweet delicacy, binagol is made from taro, with a caramelized mixture at the bottom blended with peanuts. A small coconut shell is where the edible parts are placed and then wrapped with banana leaves and bound with a string. (Retrieve from )
Chances are if you ask a Davaeno what the best tasting durian candy is, they will tell you that it is Lola Abon’s. The difference noted from the garden variety durian candy is that it is freshly made, rich in durian meat and without preservatives that I can discern. The bad thing about this though, is that the candies don’t last that very long, then again, with its yummy taste chances are it will be consumed right away. (Retrieve from
Illigan city
Cheding's sells Iligan's most famous delicacy - roasted peanuts. These are very popular pasalubongs for travelers. It's not uncommon that there will be a waiting list. (Retrieve from
Pastel, is a sweet delicacy from the paradise island of Camiguin in Northern Mindanao. These are soft, fragrant and sweet buns filled with the original yema (made mostly of milk, eggs and sugar) or any other flavors that gives this delicacy that makes the food melts in your mouth.
Boxes of 6 are sold at stores in Camiguin towns or at the shopping centers of Cagayan de Oro for about P50 and Boxes for 12 at around P120. (Retrieve from